Most frequent questions and answers

We are selling wireless internet access to our fiber optic connection here in Liberty. We do not offer phone or television service.

All of our plans offer upload speeds that are 100% your download speed. If you have a 25 mbps download speed, you will have a 25 mbps upload speed.

We will install a pole-mounted wireless antenna for you. We will also fun an Ethernet line from the antenna into your home.

No, you will not need a modem. You can connect the antenna’s Ethernet line to the WAN port on your router, or directly to your computer.

You are able to use any type of Router with the service. If you want a suggestion of a Router please send email to us: support@libertybroadband.site

If you feel you were double-billed please send us an email to support@libertybroadband.site and include the credit card, bank statement, PayPal statement, and etc to show the double billing.


If you cancel service during a billing period you will not be pro-rated or credited the difference.